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CNI  has a Network Operations Center (NOC) to oversee the National Integrated  Network Administration (RNIA) from its main site and its Backup site. The NOC hosts a  platform  interconnection networks of different Telecom Operators. This NOC receives and processes customer complaints via its HotLine which can be contacted by Tel. 71 787 858 daily 24 hours a day

As part of the support of users of applications and computer networks of the national computer center, We are pleased to inform you that a telephone line has been established on the number 71787858
Based on specifications elaborated by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment to enable the electronic publishing of municipal councils’ decisions in their dedicated Official Journal, the National Center of Informatics (CNI) has implemented a workflow allowing each municipal council to publish its official texts, going through a fully digital process, from the elaboration of the decision until its dissemination by the Official Printing Office of the Republic of Tunisia. The workflow takes into account all the validation steps as required by the legal authorities (Presidency of the Government, Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment).
This service is the first to use electronic certification mechanisms, based on the "DIGIGO" solution recently launched by the National Agency for Digital Certification - TunTrust.
It’s worth mentioning that the "DIGIGO" solution allows the signature of documents using electronic certificates hosted securely in CLOUD mode, without a need for a physical token, as well as the authentication based on OTP (One Time Password) mechanism.

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