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CNI has a Data Center dedicated to hosting major applications of the state. The center has an infrastructure composed of a set of hardware devices, software, network and security providing a hosting service securing data and applications, ensuring availability and access to different applications.

The Data Center is equipped with fifty powerful servers to which are connected about 4,500 workstations installed in all government departments, regional departments, public bodies and municipalities.

The hosting services of the CNI is based on a set of technology platforms that integrate multi-vendor equipment and commercial and open source software environments and accordingly meeting the diverse technology needs and the specificities of operating environments.

The CNI has adopted a data backup and preservation policy that takes into account the specificities of hosted front-office applications. This policy is deployed on the basis of a redundant backup solution.

 To enhance data security and ensure continuous activity of hosted information systems, the CNI has, also, a backup center designed according to standards in force, and providing asynchronous data replication solution with the Data Center of the CNI.

The CNI is always looking to satisfy the users of the data center by improving and ensuring:

     dot yellow The quality of service required by the user (Administration, Citizen ...) in terms of accessibility, performance, reliability, availability, confidentiality, and scalability,

     dot yellow Proper management of service levels with commitment to results,

     dot yellow The implementation of complete and operational activity continuity plans.

 In summary, the CNI hosting center has:

     dot yellow Good organization of the data center in terms of architectural coherence, efficient administration tools,

     dot yellow Mastered physical security solutions (access, energy, air conditioning)

     dot yellow Maintenance contracts with all suppliers,

     dot yellow Logical security solutions kept updated,

     dot yellow Secure backup solutions

     dot yellow Redundant hardware platforms,

     dot yellow Adequate communication infrastructure in terms of bandwidth and security.

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