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CNI offers you its library that has a:

Document repository

The CNI library provides its users (2015 figures):

 dot yellow 1286 titles in Arabic and Latin (French and English) on computerization strategies; information and communication technology, management and methodology.

dot yellow Electronic and print computer periodicals,

dot yellow Studies and technical reports,

dot yellow Reference works : guides, directories, dictionaires,

dot yellow Internet connection.

 The library is open to students, staff and others.

Subscription :

Documents required :

 dot yellow Officials :

 - A photocopy of the national identity card

 - A work certificate

 - A stamped envelope with the exact address of the official

 - An identity photo

 - A signed commitment to be taken from the library

 dot yellow Students :

- A photocopy of the national identity card

 - A stamped envelope with the exact address of the student

 - An identity photo 

 - A signed commitment to be taken from the library

 User services

On site consultation:

 - Books: books of the CNI are available for consultation on presentation of the current year library card.

 - Electronic and print periodicals: service available to all library users: on site consultation.

 - Reference service: this service provides users with a collection of reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, etc.).

Newly acquired books

 pdf buttonDownload new acquisitions No. 05 (November 2016)

Studies and technical reports,
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   dot yellow Realization of master plans of most government departments, public institutions and a very large number of companies in various socio-economic sectors as well as model master plans of governorates and municipalities.

   dot yellow Steering the implementation of IT master plans and action plans of a large number of establishments including:

      - Education Mutual Insurance (MAE)

      - The National Social Security Fund;

      - The Tourism Real Estate Agency;

      - The National Documentation Center ;

      - The Office of Livestock and Pasture;

      - Tunisia ’s National Tourist Office;

      - National Company of Cellulose and Esparto Paper.

Assistance to the establishment of the inter-national administrative network (French: RNIA) as part of the modernization of the administration, while promoting the digital economy.

  dot yellow Participation in the 2011 and 2014 elections process.

  dot yellow Development of key national and sector applications and those of common use for the benefit of several ministries and public enterprises.

  dot yellow Development of data exchange services between different applications (Madania, CNSS, INS, CNRPS).

  dot yellow National Backup to rescue the major applications of the state.

  dot yellow Training and organization of training courses of different levels and expertise and capacity-strengthening seminars for the benefit of most government departments and agencies.


   dot yellow Export of services in the field of training to some European and African countries.

   dot yellow Several projects were carried out within the framework of international cooperation with the European Commission such as the Euro-Mediterranean projects "MED-IST" and "JOIN-MED", and currently (2014-2016):

   - MOSAIC "Cooperation with Mediterranean Partners to build around ICT and Societal Opportunities and Industrial Challenges of Horizon 2020

   - MED-DIALOGUE "Supporting dialogue and cooperation with the MPC to strengthen the research links with Europe .

   dot yellow Partnership with SAA Italy (Scuola in Amministrazione Aziendale e amministrazione pubblica) for training in e-commerce on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and Handicrafts.

   dot yellow Participation in the preparation and organization of several international events...

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Skilled and versatile human resources:

The total number of  National Center of Informatics human resources is currently 232 agents and managers, including engineers, experts, consultants, designers, developers and technicians. The coaching staff features:

 dot yellow A Great experience in research, development, maintenance, security, operations and training,

 dot yellow Extensive experience in project management and assistance for its customers

 dot yellow Expertise in the management of information processing and application and data security centers,

 dot yellow A perfect mastery of the latest tools of Information and Communication Technologies.

 dot yellow Staff certified in project management / PMP, ITIL foundation, quality auditors in Java development, security, networks, etc...

Material resources and work environment:

 dot yellow A hosting and information processing center having nearly 50 servers and a storage system hosting 30 databases to which are connected approximately 4,500 workstations located in the administration at central and regional levels,

 dot yellow A National Backup Center located outside Greater Tunis to implement the national security plan for national information systems and major applications of the state,

 dot yellow A center for training and retraining providing training courses on national and sector applications as well as e-government services, as well as expertise and continuing training seminars for advancement, An lecture hall with 200 seats and a library specializing in IT (books, technical journals, press releases ...) providing services such as lending of books and CD-Rom and Internet research,

dot yellow A service center to listen to customers.

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The National Center of Informatics was established on December 30, 1975 by Law No. 75-83 of December 30, 1975, Sections 35 to 42, as a public industrial and commercial institution.

It was reclassified Non-Administrative Public Establishment in 1997.

A training program was instituted at CNI In 1992 for introduction to work in public administration.

Evolution of its missions:

1 / The CNI was established on 30/12/1975 by Law No. 75-83 of December 30, 1975- Sections 35 to 42, as an Industrial and Commercial Public Establishment (French: EPIC). In 1997 it was reclassified Non-Administrative Public Establishment (French: EPNA).

Its missions are established by Decree No. 2007-1359 of June 4, 2007:

      dot yellow Outsourcing of national systems

      dot yellow Implementation and deployment of e-Administration Centre

      dot yellow Project Management

      dot yellow Fixing and proposing methods and engineering and technical standards

      dot yellow User support

      dot yellow Conducting Studies: of orientation, strategic and IT audit missions

      dot yellow Training for the benefit of the Administration

CNI played an important role in:

     dot yellow Planning and organization of the IT sector in Tunisia and preparation and monitoring of the work of        National IT Plans.

     dot yellow Rationalization of the acquisition of computer equipment, products and services by the     administration and public enterprises (Prime Minister’s Circulars of: October 19, 1977, June 18, 1981, September 24, 1985).

    dot yellow Execution of the process of prior approval to the implementation of IT projects, their planning and their monitoring. (Prime Minister’s Circular: June 18, 1981, September 24, 1985 August 16, 1988, January 15, 1998).

    dot yellow Defining incentives and benefits to the IT sector:

    dot yellow Training

    - 1978: transfer of the IT specialists’ training section (programmers and analysts) of the National School of Administration to CNI

    - 1992: establishment at CNI of a job training program in public administration.

2/ Since 2007 new tasks were assigned to the CNI in response to the needs of the national ICT sector and in the context of the implementation of the national policy on e-Gov;

    dot yellow Management of the National Integrated Network of the Administration and Government Intranet

    dot yellow ISP of Administration

    dot yellow Responsible for the continued operation of national applications via the backup center

    dot yellow Actor for certifying ICT training of state personnel

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Who We Are

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The National Center of Informatics is a public administrative body with legal personality and financial autonomy. It was established on December 30, 1975.

The CNI is an institution under the authority of the Ministry of Communication Technologies. It operates in the fields of IT and communication technologies and is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

Core activities:

The CNI mainly provides support to public administrative structures in implementation, deployment and operation of IT systems. It carries out the following activities:

I/ Delegated project management

dot yellow Delegated project management and project management

II/ Research &Consulting

II.1/ IT system

dot yellow IT system audit;

dot yellow Opportunity study, preliminary study, organizational study;

dot yellow Preparation of IT master plans, terms of reference, specifications and action plans;

dot yellow Assistance in opening of tenders

II.2/ Networking and security

dot yellow Networking and security study;

dot yellow Assistance in network reception and installation;

dot yellow Developing network and security specifications

dot yellow Assistance in sorting

dot yellow Technical guidance and advice


dot yellow Development and maintenance of information systems;

dot yellow Training on information systems developed by CNI

IV/System hosting

dot yellow Server hosting

dot yellow Hosting of applications and data with or without operation

V/ Backup and business continuity

dot yellow Ensuring operating continuity of national applications in case of a disaster

dot yellow Ensuring continuity of services provided to users

dot yellow Assisting other institutions to establish backup solutions

dot yellow Hosting platforms of its customers (dedicated services)

dot yellow Providing advisory services to develop business continuity plans (BCP),

dot yellow Disseminating know-how in backup and BCP

VI/ Training & certification

dot yellow Training on national applications

dot yellow Expertise seminars

dot yellow Continuing education

dot yellow Training for qualifications

dot yellow Work experience and internship

VII/ Deployment of applications and user support:

dot yellow CNI deploys applications developed for the administration in view of their operation.

dot yellow Deployment can be made on-site or in the offices of CNI

dot yellow CNI makes available to users assistants to initiate them to the proper operation of these applications.

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